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Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Vista at Valero San Antonio

6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The San Antonio Women's Chamber of Commerce (SAWCC) Foundation, in partnership with the SAWCC, is proud to host this year's 7th Annual Constellation of Stars Awards Gala at which time we will honor eleven women in our community who personify the pillars of our mission to Advocate, Connect, and Empower women, girls and family in our community. 

The SAWCC is celebrating its 30 year Anniversary in conjunction with the city's Tricentennial; therefore, in addition to celebrating our Star Honorees we will honor and reflect on 30 women that assisted in shaping the city of San Antonio over the past 300 years.  Five of these trailblazers and/or their descendants will be joining us for the evening and you will want to witness this little piece of history.  

If you weren't already feeling the transfer of electricity from our excitement, we will also announce as this year's Spirit of Courage Award Recipient, Capt. Tammie Jo Shults!  Capt. Shults is the Southwest Airlines pilot who landed flight 1380 after one of its engines exploded and blew a hole in the cabin.  She has been widely hailed as a hero for her calm nerves and steady leadership during the harrowing mid-flight ordeal.

The Gala will be held this year at Valero's beautiful headquarters in The Vista which boasts a scenic view of the UTSA campus near Loop 1604.  

Upon your arrival there will be time to mingle and peruse through the numerous silent auction items in our reception area.  As we proceed with our awards ceremony our dinner will also include a live auction. 

This event will certainly be a time of great celebration of women of the past and those that continue to be the trailblazers of our future. 

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2018 Constellation of Stars Awards Honorees



San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce -Established in 1988
30th Anniversary Celebration  with a Tribute to the Tri Centennial 30

Hon. Lila Cockrell    •   Rosemary Kowalski    •    Nettie Hinton   •    Dr. Gloria Rodriguez   •      Virginia (Ginger) Purdy      •    Mary Maverick*  • Mary Eleanor Brackenridge*       
Jesse Marion Koogler McNay*     •    Emma Beatrice Tenayuca*     •     Florence Butt*   •     Lydia Mendoza*     •     Maria Gertrudis Perez Cordero Cassiano*    •    Eleanor Onderdonk*
Mother Madeleine (Louise Chollet)*     •    Dr. Artemisia Bowden*     •    Ellen Dorothy Schulz Quillin*    •    Teresa and Andrea Villareal*     •    Adina (Augustine) Emilia De Zavala*          Sister St. Marie Trouard*    •     Maria Robaina de Bethencourt*     •    Maria Josefa Granados*    •    Emma Koehler*   •    Maria Josefa Augustina Becerra Seguin•  Clara Driscoll*
   Anna Goodman Hertzberg*     •    Ella Austin*     •      Rev. Mother Margaret Mary Healy-Murphy*    •    Katherine Stinson*    •     Andrea Castanon Villanueva*    •    Dolores Burton Linton*

* - Deceased


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