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The SMART WOMEN Series was created by Dr. Yvonne Katz in 2007, mirrored after the famous book by author David Bach, titled "Smart Women Finish Rich: 9 Steps to Achieving Financial Security and Funding Your Dreams." 

Dr. Katz created this educational series to "Empower" women by giving them the opportunity to have discussions with provocateurs that are experts on real life and real business topics that affect women's lives.

This is a five-part series that runs parallel to the school year, running September through May of the following year.  This series travels around to different parts of the city for two reasons; first, to give all of our members an opportunity to attend during their lunch hour, and secondly, we go where our generous sponsors have provided location and/or lunch

Over the years we have covered many topics and encourage you to look at the history of these events under our events tab in order to see what you have been missing, and in hopes that you will join us for our next session!




March, 27, 2019

11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Hosted By:

Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas





Social media has woven itself into our every day lives!  We may be able to navigate our way through Facebook,

Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, YouTube, etc., for our personal use, but what about when it comes to using these same

sources for our business?

If you have wanted to use all or one of these social media channels for promoting your business then this is the session for you! 

Our provocateur, Melissa Aguirre, the Coordinator of Communications from San Antonio Community College (SAC) has worked

in the Public Relations field for nearly a decade and in higher education for 15 years.  She helps lead the college's social media

efforts which now reaches over 35,000 followers. In addition, Melissa helps the college with its communication and

outreach efforts in producing videos, planning events, and managing special projects.

Melissa will bring her expertise and share the following marketing strategies to: 

  • Identify the importance of aligning your company goals with social media strategy;
  • Choose the social media platform that works best for the business;
  • Cater messaging to your audience;
  • Measure your success; and,
  • Deal with irate customers

If you have been wondering how to reach more consumers and keep your business at the forefront when consumers are

surfing the web or social media on their mobile devices, then register for this session today!  


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