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Let's Grow Your Business Together!

  • Tuesday, August 05, 2014 10:24 AM
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    "A person who stops advertising to save money is like a person who stops a clock to save time!"

    Advertising and marketing when done correctly is a great way to make your business more money not waste the hard earned money your business has made! Let me show you how to use your hard earned money as an investment to grow your business. Stop throwing your money down the toilet NOW! 

    When brand names do you think of when you hear the following slogans?

    Once you pop you can’t stop 

    Eat Fresh

    I'm Loving It

    Save Money, Live Better

    Just Do It

    Look how well marketing works. Do you realize why you know who these companies are? It is because they advertise and brand, brand, brand. They spend money to make money otherwise they would get lost in the shuffle! Now I know you are saying, "I am not a billion dollar company with their disposable income!" Do you think when they started that they were billion dollar companies? No! Nike - This Company was started from a trunk not a garage by Phil Knight in 1964! In 1965, Fred DeLuca borrowed $1,000 from friend Peter Buck to start a sub shop in Bridgeport, Connecticut called Subway!

    The point is you have to start somewhere! Advertising works, I just proved that to you! It grows businesses and increases your bottom line! Let me work for you!

    Call Me Today - 210.377.4730 or email me pglindsay@sbgtv.com, I would love to schedule a meeting with you.


    Trish Sanchez

    NBC, FOX, CW Marketing Specialist

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