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This site is for use by both existing and new board members. Here you will find detailed information about our mission, bylaws, roles and responsibilities, etc.

New Board Members will find a link to the New Board Member Orientation Materials by click the button at the bottom of this page.  Section 1 provides a list of all the sections that will be covered. 

Existing Board Members will find access to past Board Meeting agendas, minutes, and handouts, as well as communication deadlines, master committee lists, board meeting locations and a link to reorder business cards listed below:

If you plan on purchasing a table or 1/2 of a table for this year's Gala please use the new "Board Member Table" option when registering. 

You will be required to enter an access code of  20BOARD18 to complete the registration.  If you are purchasing the entire table you may complete your purchase by paying online or mailing a check to the office. 

If purchasing 1/2 of a table you will be asked how many seats you want during registration, enter "4 seats" and proceed up to the online payment section where you will exit out of the page.  Once Rebecca receives notification of your registration she will send you an adjusted invoice that can be paid online or by mail. 

  • Monthly Agendas

  • Monthly Minutes
January 2018
July 2018
February 2018
March 2018
April 2018
May 2018
June 2018

  • Monthly Handouts
 January 2018
 February August
 March September
 April October
 May 2018
2018 San Antonio Women's Chamber-Leadership Workshop Proposal.pdf
 June December

  • Communication Deadlines
Click the link below to access the current communication deadlines.

2018 Constant Contact Communication Deadlines

  • Master Committee List
Click the link below to access the latest version of the Communications Committee master list. 
June_Committee Master List 2018.pdf
  • 2018 Board Meeting Location List
January 8
 IBC Bank
Nakoma Branch - 12400 San Pedro, 78216
 Zina Guerra
 February 5  Institute of Texan Cultures
801 Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. 78233 Angelica Docog
 March 5 SAWS 2800 US Hwy 281 N., 78212
Stacey Isenberg
 April 2
 CPS Energy
  145 Navarro, 78205Lori Johnson Leal
May 7
 Texas A&M University
 1 University Way, 78224 - Patriot's Casa (Ceremony Room)
Dr. Matson
 June 4
 William Sinkin Eco Centro
1819 N. Main, San Antonio, TX 78212
Dr. Yvonne Katz
 July 9
SA Area Foundation303 Pearl Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78215
Nicole Ross
 August 6
SA Area Foundation
303 Pearl Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78215
Nicole Ross
 September 10
 IBC Bank
12400 US-281, San Antonio, TX 78216 Zina Guerra
 October 1
 Edgewood ISD District Conf. Center
1930 Herbert Lane, San Antonio, TX 78227
La Juana Chamber Lawson
 November 5

 December 3

  • Board Business Card Reorders - 
             Reorder Link

New Board Members begin your orientation by clicking here. 






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