2023 Charity of Choice Nominees

Ferrari Kid
Mission and Use of Funds

Our mission is to make children coping with cancer and other illnesses to become a Rock-Star for they day, celebrate them as a child not a sick child, then follow up with them on a monthly bases in our monthly support group called THE HOPE TANK. This way we can love, encourage and support them during their entire cancer journey. We believe this aligns with SAWCC mission to be a voice of encouragement for each other and be involved in the community. The Hope Tank allows for volunteers to be a voice with the kids and encourage their heart and be involved in the activities with them so they know they are not alone.

We would use the funds to give them an EPIC day. One of our signature events its the girls Shopping Spree. The girls arrive in Ferraris, are greeted by paparazzi, and autograph seeking fans. They walk the red carpet with body guards, our treated to lunch, then get their nails done before they go shopping. This event' brings about 100 plus remembers of the community to love on them, support them, and encourage them. We would use the
funds to give them each a gift card and of course we would love SAWCC to be their personal shoppers and enjoy this memory with them. We do a lot of Signature events, but hands down this is one of the favorites. It gets everyone involved in the day with them. Then of course we support them after the event during the monthly Hope Tank Events.

Mission and Use of Funds

Working in collaboration with communities and families, TEAMability gives children with complex disabilities opportunities to achieve their potential and experience the joy of success. TEAMability imagines a community that challenges assumptions and advances the service delivery standard for children with complex disabilities.

TEAMability’s parent support and education program empowers mothers to become strong advocates for their child with disabilities, their family and themselves. Specific training on topics chosen by mothers (such as financial planning and guardianship); peer-to- peer mentoring; networking to share resources, stories and emotions; and building new, meaningful friendships leads to confidence and competence for these 24-7 caregivers, elevating the quality of life of the entire family. Women from all walks of life benefit from empowerment and connection. TEAMability supports these vulnerable, “invisible” to the community-at-large, caregivers.

Funds would be dedicated to the Parent Support Education Program and associated family activities. Additional funding will enable TEAMability to offer more activities to build connection and community between the mothers, as well as between families. These would include outings to Morgan's Wonderland and other venues that are out of the reach of our families based on their incomes and the financial challenges posed by having a child with complex needs. Caregiver attendance at relevant workshops would be added to the repertoire of activities offered. Child-care would be added to select caregiver activities to allow more mothers to attend. Just for fun peer-to-peer activities will be added to the program. Activities such as cake decorating, candle making and homemade pasta will be offered in our new Home Lab, a natural learning environment.

Communities in Schools
Mission and Use of Funds

The mission of Communities In Schools of San Antonio (CIS-SA) is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Our mission aligns with the mission of the SAWCC by propelling underserved young women to greater educational and economic opportunities. CIS-SA provides socio-emotional, mental health, and academic supports to young women across San Antonio, enabling them to stay in school, graduate, and achieve their post-secondary goals.
If selected, CIS-SA will dedicate the awarded funds to our InspireU Program. InspireU is a workplace mentoring program for high school aged males and females that pairs students with
volunteer mentors from local corporate partners. Mentors and mentees meet monthly to discuss life skills, career goals, and college preparation. InspireU fosters greater college and career
awareness, forges connections between students and employers, and increases the likelihood of post-secondary success through positive adult guidance and exposure to critical professional and life skills. Since 2008, CIS-SA’s InspireU program has helped to increase graduation rates by involving youth in meaningful mentor relationships and providing them the tools to develop a post-high school plan and achieve their postsecondary goals. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of corporate partners involved in the program decreased by almost half as offices closed and employees began working remotely. In the past, CIS-SA has funded the program primarily through donations from corporate partners, so there is now a greater need to solicit additional funds from various grant opportunities, foundations, and local government. Moving forward into the 2022-2023 school year, CIS-SA hopes to reinvigorate the InspireU program through additional corporate partners, schools served, and new partnerships.

The requested funds would expand InspireU by enabling an additional high school and corporate partner to participate in the program during the 2022- 2023 school year. Typically, a corporate partner will contribute funds to cover programming costs in the amount of $5,000. These funds cover program costs for 10 students and 10 mentors to participate including transportation, food, curriculum, and Parent Night event expenses. Although many institutions have ample resources to contribute, other interested corporate partners are not able to provide the required match. Grant funds would support these program costs for one committed
corporate partner, empowering an additional 10 students to visualize their future and pursue their post-secondary goals.