Community Support 

A large part of the SA Women’s Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to promote education and give back to the community.  Please continue to check here for ways we are supporting activities around our community and for ways that you can become involved! 

Order Your Girl Scout Cookie Favorites Today!

During this national health crisis the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas, like other nonprofits, have also been affected, which also includes its 2021 cookie selling season. Therefore, cookie season has begun on December 14th, a few weeks earlier than usual.

Some of you may already have a favorite Girl Scout that you order from each year, so thank you for your continued support of that scout and her troop! However, if you are a customer that usually supports us at a local retail booth location, then we encourage you to use our "iWANT COOKIES" order form today due to the fact that COVID-19 has caused us to drastically reduce the number of booths we will have in our council area this year.

To place a cookie order now, click on the following link, fill out the information and you will contacted by someone that will take your cookie order -

Pre-Fessional Girlfriends Podcasts

Join Courtney Bryant and Shelby Nunn in their newly launched podcast series for women.

In this on-going series you will hear candid discussions about self-confidence, relationship building, dealing with self doubt and motherhood as a professional woman.

To listen on their latest podcasts watch them on at Pre-fessional_Girlfriends.

Family Services - Employee Assistance Program

702 San Pedro | San Antonio, TX 78212 | (210)299-2400 |

Offering free, limited Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services for your staff, including:
- Up to 4 hours of behaivorial health counseling sessions
- Up to 3 hours of financial counseling sessions

See the flyer for specific details.